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The AI+X Summit 2024 edition will mark a significant leap forward as we’re extending the event to TWO FULL DAYS of program on the main stage, in topically focused sessions, and an exhibition buzzing with demos. The 2024 edition is set to be a milestone, as we're expanding the event to an entire AI WEEK with events tailored for different stakeholders at StageOne



organized by Talent Kick

An opportunity for emerging AI startups to showcase their innovative ideas and projects. Set at the ETH AI Center in Zürich, this event aims to connect entrepreneurs with potential investors, industry experts, and the broader startup community to foster networking and collaboration.


Organized by ETH AI Center and Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

The International Computation and AI Network (ICAIN) tackles AI's societal challenges by uniting global expertise and supercomputing resources. Committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, our diverse team of leading scientists and educators aims to promote equitable AI research and innovation. ICAIN, gearing up for full operation by early 2025, is currently establishing its framework, seeking partners, and launching pilot projects to achieve early impact and refine its approach.


Organized by ETH  AI Center

The AI+Environment Summit, attended by over 150 people, featured talks by experts from academia and industry, including Planet Labs and CERN, along with impactful workshops by IBM Research. For the 2024 edition, we aim to deepen collaboration between environmentalists and the ML community, addressing critical conservation challenges, exploring ML applications in policy, and driving nature-positive actions. This summit serves as a vital platform for fostering meaningful interdisciplinary collaborations.

03.10 - 04.10

Organized by ETH AI Center, ZHAW, and University of Zurich

The AI+X Summit is the pinnacle of Swiss AI Week, showcasing the forefront of artificial intelligence innovation in the German-speaking region of Switzerland. This premier event gathers AI experts, industry professionals, and thought leaders for a dynamic exchange of ideas and cutting-edge technology. Experience inspiring keynotes, interactive tracks, and live demos that demonstrate the transformative impact of AI across various sectors.


Organized by ETH AI Center

an entertaining, informative and inspiring programme for everyone interested in AI and it's applications, featuring keynotes by Stephan Siegrist, head of the think tank W.I.R.E., and Patrick Karpicienco ("Karpi"), stand-up comedian, entertainer, and AI enthusiast.


Organized by InnovationsPark Zürich

Get ready for the ultimate fusion of music and tech at the AI Song Contest! This international music competition celebrates the amazing possibilities of human–AI teamwork in songwriting. Talented teams of musicians, researchers, producers, data scientists, and developers join forces to create innovative songs, which will be judged by an expert panel and you, the audience!


Organized by RegHorizon

an annual event set for November 2024. It fosters a multi-stakeholder dialogue with leading experts focused on leveraging public policy and societal engagement to maximize the benefits of artificial intelligence, minimize its risks, and accelerate its adoption. This conference provides a unique platform for policymakers, business leaders, civil society, and academia to exchange ideas and collaboratively shape the future of AI policies.

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